Creating Ringtones
Everyone has their own method of getting ringtones. Some people use Walmart.com's music store samples. Others use iTunes. I haven't been able to get any of those to work. But I have come up with my own method that works flawlessly.

I'm going to assume you have your own mp3's to play with.

You are going to need this free software...

Out Lame plug-in for Winamp
Lame .dll file

Install WinAmp. Unzip Lame and copy the file lame_enc.dll to the WinAmp install directory. Install the Lame plug-in and mp3DirectCut.

Start mp3DirectCut.

Open your mp3.

Now go to settings in the top menu, go to configuration, and click on the operations tab. At the bottom you'll see "Mouse selection method".

Select "Left = set begin / Right = set end".

Click close.

The top half of the window is the wave form of the mp3. The bottom half is navigation and other information.

In the waveform you should see a yellow dotted line moving vertically in the center somewhere. This is the play point. You can't move the play point. You can only move the mp3 around the play point with the slider bar below it.

Find the beginning of your ringtone inside the mp3 and left click there. Find the end and right click. The waveform should highlight.

You can play with the controls on the bottom to make sure your in and out point are correct.

Once you have everything set right you may want to increase the volume. I've noticed that sometimes mp3's save to the phone with low volume. All you have to do is go to settings in the top menu, select MPEG graph level, and select higher. You can do this as many times as you see fit.

Now click file in the top menu, and select "Save selection...".

Now open the file in WinAmp.

In the very top left hand corner of WinAmp there is a little button, click it, select options, then select preferences. Under Plug-ins, select Output. In the right hand screen select Lame MP3 Writer Plug-in then click configure.

For Channels, select mono, then click force. Under Bitrate Mode make sure "Constant BR" is selected and in the Bitrate field I choose 80. Choose the Output Directory so you know where the file will go when it's done then click OK then click close.

When you play the song you wont hear anything because it is converting. After it's done converting you'll find the mp3 in your output directory ready to be transferred to your phone.

nice tutorial, but it's easier to use audacity..... also free. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
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