Hosed your phone?
You need to manually put the phone in bootloader mode. Here's what to do...

You'll need a Motorola OEM serial cable ($20 bucks on eBay).

Start PST Phone Programmer. Go to Settings, then select PST CONFIG.

In Detection, make sure Manual is selected.

Make sure the com port for your serial connection is selected. You may need to play with this to find the right one.

Click Save.

Close PST.

Now remove the battery from your phone.

Next you'll need to short pin 13 and 14. These pins are on the bottom of the phone... where the cables connect to the phone.

These are the pins on a Motorola v710.

You do this by placing a small wire (32 gauge or so) between the 13 pin and 14 pin on the serial connector. That way the pins will be shorted when you plug it into the phone.

Plug in the serial cable (with pin 13 and 14 shorted with a small wire).

Put the battery back in to the phone.

Hold down the power for a few seconds. (The phone will not appear to power on.)

Start PST Flash and test commands.

You should see a P2K device in the device window in the lower left.

If you don't see the device, select View, then Refresh Connections. If you still don't see the device you may want to start over after selecting a different com port in PST Programmer (one of the first steps of this tutorial).

Select device and the flash button should be enabled.

Make sure you flash with a correctly working flash file.

If all else fails bring the phone back to Verizon.

I brought my hosed phone to the Verizon shop and asked them to try and flash it... that I thought the firmware might be corrupted.

The tech tried to put the phone in bootloader mode through the computer software and determined my problem was with the hardware and switched out the phone.

I got this to work with the regular USB data cable
thank you thank you
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