Part 2: Extracting Images (and other files) From the Flash
This is pretty simple.

Obviously you'll need WinHex to do this stuff.

Open the .smg file in WinHex. SuperDaveX says all the images are in 8700_1.02.SDCG1.smg but I suspect the other .smg's have images in them too.

But for this tutorial, we are going to use 8700_1.02.SDCG1.smg.

Once it's open, in the top horizontal menu of WinHex select Tools, then Disk Tools, then File Recovery by Type...

A warning window will pop up... click okay.

We are going to search for .gif files... but later you can search for anything you may want.

In the Max file size: put 15145552 (the size in bytes of the .smg file).

Specify the output folder.

Check Thorough search...

Check Create subfolder...

Check Ignore errors...

Click okay.

You are going to get a bunch of errors. I don't exactly know why but just hold down the enter key and after a few minutes or so it should be finished.

When it's done you'll have all the extracted .gif's in the output folder.

Here's a fix for the thousand or so errors that pop up when you follow "Part 2: Extracting Images (and other files) From the Flash".

Dakev mentions that WinHex pulls way more than it needs per gif, as well as generating the errors. These are linked, and I've found a solution. These instructions are on how to simply extract every gif out of the smg file.

Open the smg in WinHex and go to the File Retrieval section. To the bottom right of the file types, click on 'Customize' and enter in a new line exactly as follows
**pay close attention to the tabs**


Save the modified file, and cancel out of the File Retrieval. Re-open the File Retrieval and you'll see your custom gif in the list: select it. Set the Max. file size to 16145552, and choose your output folder. Be sure that "Thorough Search, not only at cluster boundaries" is NOT checked, and enter the following values.

Sector size in bytes: 1
Cluster size in sectors: 1
First cluster at sector: 0
Stop retrieval at sector: 15145552
(I don't know exactly what these values do, but I know they work. Please e-mail me if you know a more efficient setting)

Check off Ignore read errors, and leave the other 2 boxes unchecked.

Click OK.

The scan will run smoothly save a single error at the end. Check the output folder, and you'll have a copy of every gif in the smg file. If you don't know how to make your own, check the size, and write your own image to the smg file at this point, then you probably shouldn't.
Having tried this, I'm not able to open any of the extracted images.

Photoshop says the file-format module can not parse the file.

Further I was unable to implement this setting because I couldn't find the field...

Cluster size in sectors: 1

Also, the extracted images are still several megabytes in size. Like the method I discuss in the tutorial, Win Hex is extracting way more than is necessary.

I'd like to make this more efficient. Please e-mail me directly so we can discuss this and possibly come up with a solution.
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