Part 3: Finding a Graphic in the Flash
Let's say you want to change the outside LCD graphic for the Midnight color style.

In the first tutorial, I showed you how to change the outside LCD graphic for the Moto color style. I also gave you the hex address where it lived in the .smg file.

In the second tutorial I told you how to extract all the images out of the Flash.

Now I'm going to show you how to find a graphic (once it's been extracted) without knowing the hex address first.

Gotta give credit where credit is due. SuperDaveX told me this is how he finds graphics.

You take the first 50 bit's of the image and search the .smg file (using WinHex of course).

First open your image in WinHex.

Select the first 50 bits or so.

Go to the top horizontal menu, select Edit, select Copy Block, select Hex Values.

Now open your .smg file (there are four of them but so far everything I've needed has been in 8700_1.02.SDCG1.smg).

Now select Search, then Find Hex Values...

Control + v (or paste) the hex values in the field and click okay.

It should find the very beginning of your graphic.

At the bottom center of the screen you'll see Offset: and an address. Write that address down.

Now you want to search for the end of the image the same way.

You need to find the end of your image and copy the last 25 bits or so of the image. (Copy Block -> Hex Values) .

Do this by looking for the hex values of...


For some reason when you rip these images out of the flash, WinHex pulls way more than it needs. The image ends at 003b right before another image. 4749463839 actually means GIF89

I replaced a graphic in the flash without knowing the correct ending and actually overwrote a whole bunch of stuff I shouldn't have. Needless to say, the phone was hosed and I had to replace it at Verizon.

I did this by asking the Verizon rep to flash the phone... I thought the firmware might be messed up. He gave me a new phone 15 minutes later.

I didn't tell him I messed up the flash and he didn't ask.

I got a new phone so I wasn't upset. But word to the wise... when you replace graphics in the flash... make absolutly sure you know where it begins and where it ends and only replace the bits inbetween those beggening and ending bits.

In your .smg file, Search -> Find Hex Values, and paste


in the field. Click okay.

Move your mouse over until you get to 3B of 00 3B (the footer of the .gif) and write that offset: address down.

Now you have your header and footer and can safely extract the image using the method described in Changing the Outside LCD Graphic tutorial.

But what if you don't have the image to begin with?

I heard a rumor that a new tool is coming out soon that will automatically extract images from a flash file. This would be great because you could take images out of modified flashes... where you don't have access to the images to begin with.

Some people released a zip full of images they ripped from original stock flashes. Only problem is I use SuperDaveX's modified flash... and he changed some of the images.

I don't' have access to the outside LCD graphic for the Silver color style because I don't have the original image.

I could search the .smg file for the header gif89 and footer 00 3B... but that's too much work.

I'll wait for the tool.

can the v710 shx file link u have given be used ofr my t720 mobile.... i need to unlock it<..?...!!!>

cheers Nick
Here's a fix for the thousand or so errors that pop up when you follow "Part 3: Finding a Graphic in the Flash".

Dakev mentions that WinHex pulls way more than it needs per gif, as well as generating the errors. These are linked, and I've found a solution. These instructions are on how to simply extract every gif out of the smg file.

Open the smg in WinHex and go to the File Retrieval section. To the bottom right of the file types, click on 'Customize' and enter in a new line exactly as follows
**pay close attention to the tabs**


Save the modified file, and cancel out of the File Retrieval. Re-open the File Retrieval and you'll see your custom gif in the list: select it. Set the Max. file size to 16145552, and choose your output folder. Be sure that "Thorough Search, not only at cluster boundaries" is NOT checked, and enter the following values.

Sector size in bytes: 1
Cluster size in sectors: 1
First cluster at sector: 0
Stop retrieval at sector: 15145552
(I don't know exactly what these values do, but I know they work. Please e-mail me if you know a more efficient setting)

Check off Ignore read errors, and leave the other 2 boxes unchecked.

Click OK.

The scan will run smoothly save a single error at the end. Check the output folder, and you'll have a copy of every gif in the smg file. If you don't know how to make your own, check the size, and write your own image to the smg file at this point, then you probably shouldn't.
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