I bought the V710 after having first owned a T720. With the help of yahoo groups I was able to upload wallpapers and ringtones to my hearts content and the phone was what it was intended to be. An extension of my personality. Sounds cliche but whatever.

Now I own the V710 and hacking the phone has proved a challenge.

But I've learned enough to be dangerous.

To date the hardest part of learning this phone has been negotiating all the information out there.

Hopefully this will help.

Awesome dude!
hey I just sent back my first v710 as the camera failed

but i like the phone especially since I found out through the boards that indeeed things can be modified on it

I am visually impaired and was hoping that the etxt could be zoomed in like on other moto phones

can you help me out on this?
I have the the motorola v220, does anyone know what files I need to use in conjunction to the blogger dakev's instructions so I can flash my phone?
I have the the motorola v220, does anyone know what files I need to use in conjunction to the blogger dakev's instructions so I can flash my phone?
anyway to get rid of the date on my home screen, messing up my wallpaper
Just wanted to say thanks! The info you posted is great and usefull. Please keep it up :)
I am very pleased to see somebidy take matters into their hands! when I bought the motorla V710 I felt a very short handed knowing the handicaps they imposed on it. I am trying to hack my V710 just had one question will the procedure posted work for the V710 for Telus mobility?
I'm looking for a way to download the flash from the phone to the PC.

Suggestions? Instructions?
good work. Thanks for the post.
Great Site!! Lots of very useful information. Thanks alot!!!
I tried to download all of the software to hack into the phone but the site does not have any. Can you help me out
I just wanted to say "thanks!" for all of the good information. I bought the 710 for both my husband and myself after owning the LG 4400x. I am so appreciative of all the work you have put into helping people like me who just want to be able to do what they want with their phone without having to be at the mercy of their cell phone provider. My donation to the headset fund is on it's way!
I see that there are instructions here for editing seems but I cant seem to get this to work. I have all of the programs that i am supposed to have. Can someone please im me on AIM and help me through this. my name is james082784ky

Hi, I own a V150 and is locked .. everytime i turn on the phone i get Contact service Provider" and after some minutes i get "Enter subsidy password".

I am trying ot figure out a way to do this over the last days and i am not being sucessfull. I even rung Claro network here in Brazil they didnt help at all.

I found a program called P2K Phone file manager. This program comes with atxt file that explain some codes to see what each seem shows from the phone (see list bellow for the numbers). After i download the numbers.seem i load them in another program called "Advanced P2K seem edit" but in fact i cant read much because i do not know how to read hex numbering.

Thats the reason why Iam asking for a help here... I got in the hex data for the subsidy lock but cant figure out the decimal code that the hex i am getting corrsponds...

Maybe some one can help me out in see what code i receive from the phone..


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