Seem Editing: Changing the Inside LCD Banner
Other resources on the subject of seem editing can be found on this Howard Forums thread and this page at Nuclear Elephant.

It is also wise to save the original seem to your computer. That way if something goes wrong you can load it back the way it was.

First make sure the USB cable is plugged into the phone and the computer.

Start PST Phone Programmer.

Then start P2Kseem.exe.

It should say connected at the bottom left corner of the application.

The thee fields you must concern yourself with are...

Bytes (h)

In the Bytes (h) field put

In the Seem: field put

In the Record: field put

Click "Load from phone"

*If you were editing another seem, you could load a seem (that you may have downloaded or created elsewhere) from your hard drive.

Click "Save to file" so you can load it back up (save from file) incase something goes wrong) I would just add "old" to the filename so all you need to do is erase "old" when you put it back. I'm not sure but I think I've read the name of the seem is important when it goes back on the phone.

You should see a bunch of text in the text field. Top right corner of the text field you should see "Verizon Wireless". You can edit that text to what ever you like.

Click "Save to phone".

Wait a second.

Click "Restart phone".

Wait for the phone to boot.

Perform that same procedure but this time in the Record: field put

I'm not sure which record does what but they both have "Verizon Wireless". I do them both.

Your tutorial rules! I'm so glad I found this linked over at HoFo! Anyway, how did you get the "Can You Hear Me Now?" to fit in the screen? It looks like you changed the font size, but how? When I tried the same thing, all I get is "Can You Hear Me " on the screen... please chare your secrets!
I had the same same question. How did you get "Can you hear me now?" on the screen? I also wanted to thank you for your time. Mech4WhyMe@aol.com
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