Seem Editing: An IRC Conversation
If you've got questions about seem editing, this conversation may help. TheSteve from efnet's IRC channel #v710 explained it to me this way.

TheSteve: we'll go over here if thats ok
jmedakev: sure
TheSteve: ok, have you read the help stuff on nuclearelephant?
jmedakev: yes
TheSteve: he explains the bits/bytes
jmedakev: I know the difference
TheSteve: ok
jmedakev: bytes = 8 bits
TheSteve: lets talk about everyones favorite seem first
jmedakev: 41a
TheSteve: 041A with a length of 7A
TheSteve: do you understand the length?
jmedakev: it's a hex number
jmedakev: if I translate the hex number I'll get the decimal number of how long it is
TheSteve: basically the file has a length of 122 bytes
TheSteve: which is 7A in hexidecimal
jmedakev: okay
TheSteve: do you have a hex editor?
TheSteve: only way to edit the seem file
jmedakev: yea
jmedakev: I do
TheSteve: have 041A loaded?
jmedakev: somewhere
jmedakev: gimme a sec
TheSteve: k, load it up, I'll wait
jmedakev: yea
jmedakev: got it
TheSteve: which hex editor are you using?
TheSteve: I use hex workshop myself
jmedakev: is it free?
TheSteve: no
jmedakev: :(
jmedakev: I'm using XVI32
TheSteve: which seem do you have loaded?
jmedakev: I'll e-mail it to you.
TheSteve: ok, its the superdave modded seem
TheSteve: matches perfectly
jmedakev: great.
TheSteve: anyway, we need to pick a specific byte to look at editing
jmedakev: 1d/3
jmedakev: start up animation
TheSteve: ok
jmedakev: If I look at the bottom left part of the XVI32 window, it actually says the hex address. I just keep going right untill it says 1D. Got it. Then I go to Tools and select bit manipulation...
jmedakev: 3 is on
TheSteve: so lets look at the byte at offset 1D
TheSteve: the value of that byte in your seem file is "DA" - do you agree?
jmedakev: yes
TheSteve: ok, now convert DA to binary
TheSteve: 11011010
TheSteve: in general 1 is "on" and 0 is "off"
TheSteve: so each byte can hold 8 little switches to turn things on and off
jmedakev: okay
TheSteve: in the example you picked we need to pick the 5th switch
TheSteve: or "bit" as its really called
TheSteve: here is where it sorta gets weird
jmedakev: k
TheSteve: when counting bits and such you start at 0
jmedakev: I understand that
TheSteve: so for the 8 values there go 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0
jmedakev: okay... from the right to the left
TheSteve: correct
TheSteve: so in our example bit 3 is turned on
jmedakev: correct
jmedakev: d2
TheSteve: so turned off we would have 11010010
TheSteve: correct, D2
jmedakev: cool
TheSteve: so you change the DA to D2
TheSteve: save the file and program the entire seem back into the phone
jmedakev: I understand by gollie
TheSteve: and thats all there is to it
TheSteve: 041A is all just on/off selections
jmedakev: Okay
jmedakev: thanks
jmedakev: I'm saving this conversation.
TheSteve: anyway, when ya write one let it sit for 10 seconds or so afterwards before disconnecting the cable
jmedakev: okay
TheSteve: then poweroff, wait 5 seconds or so and then power back on
jmedakev: cool
TheSteve: new settings will be there
TheSteve: if phone every gets weird pull the battery to do a full reset
TheSteve: and when programming don't have a zillion things playing
TheSteve: no videos/mp3s etc
TheSteve: just treat it as delicate and you'll have no problems
jmedakev: thanks
jmedakev: I'm saving this conversation.

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