Start Up Animation.
There are two start up animations.

1) Hellomoto
2) Verizon's

This tutorial will discuss #2. You must have Bitpim working. Instructions for that can be found in Deleting Factory Images.

This is super easy.

Hook up the phone to the computer. Start Bitpim. Go to Motorola, then Shared, then Picture.

Right click on customer_opening.gif and select Save...

Open that file in ImageReady and use it as your template. I say ImageReady as opposed to Photoshop because it generates animated gif's with a tweening button... and is bundled with Photoshop.

You don't need to worry so much about the file size (although I wouldn't go too large) because this is stored in your phone's RAM.

Here is Verizon's animated .gif

This was my first attempt.

This is what I decided to use.

Point is... you can do just about anything. Just be sure to name it customer_opening.gif and then right click customer_opening.gif in Bitpim and select Overwrite. Point it to the new customer_opening.gif and click open.

Once it's done... reboot the phone. This animation will play after the Hellomoto animation.

Instructions for replacing Hellomoto are on the way.

Using Bitpim my phone doesn't have that file "customer_opening.gif ". Can I add it to the file structure? The phone has the hello moto and a verizon animation when the phone starts up, but I can't find the erizon animation?
If you flash to the superdavex firmware (1.02.SD) you will have this new gif. You also get many other sweet things with the firmware and I think you shoudl try it!
Very cool!
I have the Verizon 01.40 OR flash and it worked like a charm on mine.

You can see it here:

I would love to change the HELLOMOTO animation!
Where did he get the star and crisco from, is there any websites that offer different gifs like this..
Is there a way to get the customer_opening.gif back on? b/c by mistake I deleted it.
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