What do I need to hack the phone?
1) The USB data cable.

This is the only thing you'll need to pay money for. eBay has them for two bucks. In the forum's there's a lot of discussion on the type of cable... OEM number and all that kind of stuff but I just bought a cheap cable for my T720 and it worked for the V710. I've read, if your cable does not charge the phone when it's plugged into USB port then the cable may not hack the job. In that case I'd suggest finding a genuine Motorola USB data cable at your local Verizon store. We all know they need the money.

Most of the software you'll need can be found here.

2)V710 USB driver

3)PST 6.9 or PST 7.1

4)The PST_uni_patch.exe by mteusz

This must be executed in the same directory where PST is installed.There are several files to patch so keep clicking next until it says finished.

5)The pst_flash.ini file

Also to be placed in the PST install directory.

PST is necessary to flash the phone and use P2Kseem which modify seems.

6) P2Kseem.exe

Use this to alter seems. This is my understanding of a seem. Seems are non-volatile portions of memory in the phone. They hold operating system information like the start-up image when the phone boots. A different seem tells the phone what text to display on the outside LCD screen when the phone is open.

The term non-volatile means the memory does not require electricity to work.

In other words, if the phone runs out of power, it will still know what start up image to use when it eventually does get power. This is because the memory is non-volatile and wont erase when the phone goes dead.

7)Mobile Phone Tools (MPT)

This program is the most user friendly. Use it to upload ringers and wallpapers or to download your movies or pictures.

Note: When you double click this .rar file Winzip will automatically try to add files to the .rar file. You don't want this. You want to extract the files. So right click on the file and select "Extract files...".

I use the USB cable to do all this but but others use the BlueTooth feature of MPT to transfer files.

8)The latest flash (.shx file)

As of this posting, everyone is using 8700_1.02.SD (and.shx file which will be zipped) from superdavex. It can be found here.

9) A full battery. It is wise to have a fully charged phone before flashing it. Mine was never fully charged but others have had problems.

I would suggest you browse Howard Forums and see what's the absolute latest flash everyone is using. More than likely it will be from superdavex. He knows how to edit the .shx file (which is, in my opinion, the holy grail of customizing the phone).

I'm still trying to figure out how to edit the flash but I'm stuck. It doesn't seem easy. I'll focus more on that when I'm finished writing this guide.

Let the hacking begin.

Your link to the tools-
MPT is a corrupt RAR tried it 3 times and a few other wer corrupt-
I thought the same thing when I first tried it. I was simply double clicking on the .rar file and it was trying to add to the rar.

I had to right click on the file and select "Extract files...".

Tell it where to extract them and it works.
I followed the post exactly and everything took. The only problem is the V710m driver is not in the list, only the V710. Can I get the driver seperatly or is there a patch of some kind?
The PST install directory should have all the drivers you need.

When it asks for the driver, point it to the PST install directory.

As far as I know, the V710 usb driver is all you need... not the v710m.
Do you actually need the USB cable for the driver, or can you perform the whole hacking process with bluetooth? Thanks!
I have T720 model rogers ATT . i need to unlock it. please let me know, whether I can use the same flash (*.shx) files of this page.

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's PST?
i cant download any of the software from anywhere. nowhere seems to have the right link... so if i could get a link, that would be appreciated. me email is spencer_man53@cox.net
i have a sprint samsung phone that my old boss gave me that is still in his name. i have tried to get my pics off it of a dear old dog before he passed, and my grandma with the stanley cup (?!) how should I go about getting the pics off it without involving the morons at sprint?
What's PST?

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